Ball Sepak Takraw: The Ultimate Guide to This Unique Sport

ball sepak takraw

Ball Sepak Takraw is an action-packed sport with two teams competing. Each team has three players. The aim is to keep a hand-woven ball in the air without using hands or arms.

This sport comes from Southeast Asia and dates back to the 14th century. It blends volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. It tests players’ coordination, flexibility, and quick thinking.

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What is Ball Sepak Takraw?

Sepak Takraw is an old game from Southeast Asia, known as “kick volleyball.” It was seen in India, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Thailand by the 14th century. Players use their feet, legs, and heads to hit a rattan ball. The game was made official in 1945. They added a court, a net, and some rules, making it more like volleyball. This is the Sepak Takraw we know today.

Origins and History

The old way of playing Sepak Takraw was in a circle. Players tried to keep the ball in the air without hands. This was first played centuries ago and was loved in Southeast Asia. In the 1940s, the game started to change. It became a well-liked sport, especially among Malays in Malaysia. Then, in 1960, it was set up as a real sport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Traditional Circle Game

The original Circle Game of Sepak Takraw was played in Southeast Asia. Players stood in a circle and hit the ball with their feet, avoiding hands. People have played this for many years. It was a favorite activity in the area.

Ball Sepak Takraw Equipment

The sepak takraw ball is very important for the game. It’s a round, hand-woven ball that’s about the size of a volleyball. This ball is made from natural fibers like rattan or from synthetic materials. Its slightly bumpy surface makes it hard to control and hit.

The Takraw Ball

The sepak takraw ball is key to the game. Traditionally, it’s been made from rattan strips and was small, up to 5 inches across, over 500 years ago in Southeast Asia. Even now, many of these balls are made in the same way. This keeps the game connected to its history. But, sometimes, they use newer materials and ways to make the balls.

Court Dimensions

The sepak takraw court is like a rectangle, 13.4 meters by 6.1 meters. It’s close to the size of a badminton court for doubles. There’s a net in the middle that’s 1.52 meters high for men and 1.42 meters high for women. Also, there’s a small circle for serving that’s 0.3 meters wide and is placed a few meters from the back and side lines.

These court sizes make a perfect place to play sepak takraw. Players need to be fast, coordinated, and great at handling the ball. It’s a challenging but fun game.

Sepak Takraw Rules and Gameplay

In Sepak Takraw, each team has three players on the court at once. There are three roles: the Tekong serves the ball, the Feeder and Striker help to return it. The Tekong serves from the service circle. The other players set up the ball for the Striker to hit over the net.

Scoring System

A game of Sepak Takraw is made up of three sets. The first team to win two sets wins the match. To win a set, a team has to score 21 points. But, they must win by at least 2 points. If needed, the third set is a “Tie-break” and goes to 15 points, played with the same 2-point rule, up to 17 points.

Faults and Violations

Players can lose points or service for several reasons in Sepak Takraw. This includes not getting the ball over the net on the serve. Other mistakes are letting the ball touch the ground, hitting the ball more than three times in a row, using hand or arm to hit the ball, and breaking the rules about the net.

Fundamental Sepak Takraw Techniques

Sepak Takraw is a sport where you must master various kicking ways to move the ball well. The inside kick, outside kick, and front foot kick are key. Each has its own use in the game.

Inside Kick

The inside kick is key in Sepak Takraw. To do an inside kick, stand with feet apart. Bend the support leg at the knee. Swing the kicking leg in and up. Strike the ball with the inside of the foot. This kick is great for passing and setting up a spike.

Outside Kick

The outside kick helps when the ball is outside your shoulders and a bit behind. Like the inside kick, swing your leg out and up. Use the outside of your foot to hit the ball. It’s good for controlling the ball in tough spots for inside kicks.

Front Foot Kick

The front foot kick is for catching a short ball in front of you, like a short serve. Put your weight on the back leg. Extend the kicking leg. Quickly flick the front of your foot up. This motion makes the ball go back up, using a loose ankle.

ball sepak takraw Defensive Skills

Sepak Takraw isn’t all about scoring goals; good defense is key too. Top players use the knee bump and header to stop opponents from scoring.

Knee Bump

The knee bump stops low passes or serves in their tracks. Players raise their knee high and use their thigh to hit the ball. This move sends the ball high in the air, away from their goal.


The header is vital when the ball is coming from above. Players crouch down, placing their forehead in front of the ball. They jump up, hitting the ball with their forehead. It’s a skillful way to keep the ball out of their goal area.

Offensive Techniques and Shots

Sepak Takraw has many offensive moves. Players use them to get ahead of their rivals. The key techniques include setting and spiking. These are used together to score points.


In Sepak Takraw, setting is very important. It’s when a player hits the ball high over the net. This lets another player, the Striker, hit it into the other team’s court. The Feeder is usually the best at setting. They give the ball to the Striker for the final hit.


Spiking is hitting the ball hard into the other team’s side. It’s the most exciting and effective way to score in Sepak Takraw. Once the ball is set, the Striker can hit it down using their head or foot. Their aim is to make it hard for the other team to hit the ball back.


Blocking helps stop a powerful spike from scoring. Players can block by jumping and putting their foot over the net. Or they might jump with their back to the net. The point is to stop the spike and give their team a chance to hit the ball back.

Sepak Takraw Tournaments and Championships

Sepak Takraw tournaments happen all over the world. The big ones are in Malaysia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries. The most famous ones are the Sepak Takraw World Championships and the Asian Games. These events attract the best players globally.

The King’s Cup is the top tournament in Sepak Takraw. It has national teams from around the world. Malaysia won the first two cups, but since 1988, Thailand has been the main winner. Some say it’s unfair because the tournament is always in Thailand, which gives them an edge.

In 2010, the 25th King’s Cup had 23 teams playing. The next year, 2011, the 26th edition hosted 23 teams in 8 tournaments. The Asian Sepaktakraw Federation has been looking after the sport since 1965 in Asia. Then, the International Sepaktakraw Federation started in 1992 to oversee the world’s Sepak Takraw.

The Men’s Sepak Takraw Championship began in 1992. Then, in 2005, the Women’s Championship started. The number of events in the championship changed over the years. In 2016 and 2017, there were 10 events, but it went back to 8 afterward. The 2022 championship will have 14 events. Sepak Takraw is also part of many other tournaments and events like the Asian Games.

Sepak takraw is like kick volleyball. It’s played by teams with a ball made of rattan or plastic. This game started to look like it does now in 1960 after a meeting in Kuala Lumpur. You can use your feet, knees, shoulders, chest, and head to touch the ball in Sepak Takraw. It’s similar to volleyball and footvolley.

Training and Practice Drills

To become skilled in sepak takraw, one must train hard and practice consistently. The Wall Rebound Drill is a key exercise. Players kick the ball against a solid surface. They work on handling the ball after every hit.1 This enhances their ability to control, react, and defend during games.

This drill improves one’s technique in sepak takraw. It focuses on moves like kicks inside, outside, and with the front foot. Through many wall hits, players build the necessary muscle memory. This helps them perform these moves more effectively.

But the Wall Rebound Drill is not the only activity. Sepak takraw players also need various workouts to increase stamina, flexibility, and quickness. This might involve exercises before play, drills on the court, and friendly games. All are meant to boost their skills and deepen their knowledge of the sport.

sepak takraw wall rebound drill

Sepak Takraw Associations and Organizations

Sepak Takraw is run by lots of groups worldwide, such as the ISTAF and national bodies. The ISTAF began in 1988 with five countries. Now, it has roughly 50 members in Asia-Oceania plus 13 in a trial phase.

These groups handle growing the sport, making the rules, and running big events. Since 1965, it’s honored at the South-East Asian Games. And since 1990, it always wins medals at the Asian Games.

In the USA, the USAST started in 1996. It has 15-20 active members. From 1998 to 2019, the USA Team did well in the King’s Cup, taking home many medals.

In 2011, the ISTAF started its own big tournaments. These include the ISTAF World Cup and ISTAF SuperSeries. Thailand usually wins the most. The World Cup was to be every four years, with Thailand winning a lot. But in 2021, it moved to 2022 due to COVID-19.

The USA Team ranked well in several events, like 11th in Malaysia 2011 and 3rd in Bangkok 2013. Their success has made Sepak Takraw more popular in the USA.

The work of Sepak Takraw groups is key to its growth and success around the world.

Popular Sepak Takraw Players

Sepak Takraw has given us many skilled players over the years. They are known for their amazing control of the ball, athleticism, and unique skills. Some have even inspired new generations of [popular sepak takraw players] enthusiasts.

Mohd Hanafiah Dolah from Malaysia is a star in the game. His incredible skills with the ball, quick reflexes, and powerful hits have won him many titles. This makes him one of the best [popular sepak takraw players] ever.

Nattawut Madsa from Thailand is another standout player. He is well-known for his teamwork and precise shots. His talents have helped the Thai national team win big in worldwide Sepak Takraw competitions.

In the Philippines, Jericho Buenafe is making his mark in the game. Buenafe is admired for his agility and creative style. He is beloved by fans and has been a big reason for the Philippine team’s successes.

As Sepak Takraw grows in popularity, these players continue to inspire others. They show us the incredible skills, hard work, and passion needed to do well in this sport.

Health Benefits of Playing Ball Sepak Takraw

Playing sepak takraw boosts your sepak takraw cardiovascular fitness. This sport’s lively and quick gameplay includes running, jumping, and agile moves. These activities are great for your heart, stamina, and overall physical health.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Sepak takraw enhances your heart fitness and stamina with its constant motion. It involves running, jumping, and kicking. This improves muscle tone in your legs and core, thanks to sepak takraw agility, speed, and strength.

Agility and Coordination

Sepak takraw sharpens your sepak takraw coordination and nimbleness. Players must use their feet, legs, and head to hit the ball. This challenges them to improve their awareness, stability, and quick reaction. As a result, their athletic and daily coordination skills get better.

Regular play in sepak takraw helps in calorie burning and staying fit. It plays a role in managing your weight. Plus, it’s a good way to relieve stress. This boosts your mental health by improving your confidence and esteem.

Ball Sepak Takraw for Kids and Youth

Sepak Takraw is a great sport for kids and young adults. It boosts both physical and mental skills. Its unique rules, like no hand use, add a fun challenge. This helps with fitness, confidence, and teamwork for both sepak takraw for kids and sepak takraw for youth.

The Sepak Takraw court is not too big, about the size of a badminton court. Each team has 5 players, with 3 playing and 2 as backups. Matches are played in sets of 3. To win a match, a team must win 2 sets. Winning a set requires scoring 21 points. If the score ties at 20-20, a team must lead by 2 points to win, up to a top score of 25 points.

In Sepak Takraw, key moves include kicking with the inside or toes, and using your head, chest, or shoulders.1 Players swap sides after each set win. They can’t touch the ball with their hands. Only their feet, legs, torso, and head can be used.

A match of Sepak Takraw must only go up to three sets. Sepak takraw for kids and sepak takraw for youth offer a fun and skill-developing opportunity.

sepak takraw for kids and youth

Sepak Takraw Equipment and Gear

The Sepak Takraw balltakraw equipment> is key in the sport. It’s like a volleyball, but smaller, and it’s made from weaved fibers. The ball’s not perfect, which makes playing it harder and more fun. Players need good skills to handle and kick it well.

For Sepak Takraw, having the right shoes and clothes is crucial. The game is all about moving fast and jumping high. So, the shoes are light and help players stop and go quickly. The clothes are tight but stretchy, making every kick and move smooth. This lets players show off their moves without feeling restricted.

Sepak Takraw Equipment Specification
Sepak Takraw Ball – A ball made from synthetic fibers, with 12 holes and 20 intersections
– Men’s balls are 42-44 cm around (16.5-17.3 in.), and women’s are 43-45 cm (16.9-17.7 in.)
– Men’s balls weigh 170-180 grams (6-6.3 oz.), while women’s are 150-160 grams (5.3-5.6 oz.)
Sepak Takraw Net – The net is 0.7 meters wide (2.29 ft) and at least 6.10 meters long (20 ft)
– It stands at 1.52 meters high for men (4.98 ft) and 1.42 meters for women (4.65 ft)
Sepak Takraw Court – A court that’s 13.4 by 6.1 meters (44 ft. × 20 ft.), with no tall things in the way
– About the size of a doubles badminton court, which is 20′ X 44′

The Future of Ball Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is getting more famous lately, in both its home countries and new places. It’s being shown at big events like the Southeast Asian Games and Asian Games. This is making more people around the world interested, both as players and fans.

Growing Popularity

Being part of events like the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Games is a big deal. Lots of people get to see Sepak Takraw. It makes them want to try the sport. This is helping Sepak Takraw become known globally.

Inclusion in Major Events

From 2017 to 2022, the Sepak Takraw market grew from USD million to USD million. By 2029, it’s expected to be worth USD million. The market covers areas like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. Big names in Sepak Takraw are Yod Keela Co., Ltd., Sodex Sport, Gajah Emas Industries Sdn.Bhd., Li-Ning, and Grand Sport Group. They make things like Sepak Takraw balls, shoes, and protective gear.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re starting with Sepak Takraw, learning the core techniques is crucial. You should work on the inside, outside, and front foot kicks. Also, learn how to do the knee bump and header for defense. This lays a strong base for your game. Remember, practice and patience are vital. They help you get better at controlling the ball.

Start with the Basics

Getting the hang of the basic moves, like inside, outside, and front kicks, is key. These simple actions are essential for tougher plays. They also boost your confidence in handling the ball. Once you’re good here, start working on defensive moves. These include the knee bump and header. They’re important for playing well.

Develop Flexibility

Being flexible is a must in Sepak Takraw, especially in your hips, legs, and core. Stretching and working on mobility will help a lot. It lets you do kicks and jumps better. This, in turn, improves how you play on the court.

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Sepak Takraw is unlike any other sport, mixing volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. It has a long history and diverse techniques, making it intriguing for players everywhere. Everyone, from active athletes to those just starting out, can enjoy ball sepak takraw. You’ll get fitter and more agile while having fun.

The future of sepak takraw is very exciting. More chances for players and fans will come as it grows. The International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) is helping it get more global recognition. With their help, Sepak Takraw’s future as a top sport is looking good.

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