Our studio specializes in designing furniture that stays connected, enabling our users to better understand their own daily habit, and to help us develop a better product that you'll love longer.
Starting with SOUND TABLE, we are slowly redefining the way you look at tables and other furniture. One piece at a time.


Born as a crossover concept between 「MUSIC x FURNITURE」 , SOUNDTABLE combines a highly-crafted table with a state-of-the-art speaker, and blend them into one magnificent piece of art. Wirelessly set the tune to your favorite music straight from a smartphone, or be informed about the situation outside by letting the table playing nature sounds according to the current weather. There are endless possibilities to how you can use, and have fun with the SOUNDTABLE. See it for yourself.


Vinyls deserve more love. Not only for the music, but also for the days we spent with those records. They are precious because anytime you take them off the shelves and put them on, the moment that needle hits the plate, you are struck with flashbacks, memories from the past, and a spine-tingling sensation that is impossible to recreate in this digital era of music downloads and streamings. We call it "a storage with a visible sound", and VJ Furniture is a must-have for any vinyl junkie and analog records fan out there.


What do we get when we take a furniture, and make them as simple as possible without sacrificing any of its function and aesthetic? SIMPLES series is the answer to that question. We found a way to achieve the perfect balance and contrast, using only the natural properties and looks of the wood, in order to bring out the beauty of the material itself. The design itself is a mastermind of a decorated & renowned architecture office, INTENTIONALITIES.

QM weather.

QM Weather is a little IoT signage that automatically changes its appearance based on the current weather forecast obtained through the internet.
Checking the weather is a simple task, yet mundane routine in anyone's daily life.
We did not only make it more intuitive and simpler, but also turned it into a pretty aesthetic addition to any interior.
Take one glance at it, and the beautiful lit-up weather symbol will let you know what to wear for the day, or whether or not you should bring that umbrella.
Now that's smart.


Address 46B Club Street 069423 SingaporeMAP
CEO Naoki Wada
Founded 2014
Capital $16,084,609 SGD
Our services Overall KAMARQGROUP's business management, Re-design Studio related management

Our services

Overall KAMARQGROUP's business management, Re-design Studio related management